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Aero Mould Co., Ltd located in the “China mould town” Huangyan, is a professional manufacturer of various types of plastic injection mould. We have been committed to all kinds of high-quality mould R&D and making, including high speed thin wall mould, double color mould, multi-cavity cap mould, home appliance mould, pipe fitting mould, etc.
Aero has 4 mould designers at present. All designers have more than 10 years experience in mould design and are skilled in use UG, Pro-E, CAD etc softwares. In order to make the designers constantly improve their design level, Aero Mould will organize personnel to attend learning activity as well as some plastic exhibition from time to time. Engineer Chen participated in Zhejiang mould design competition in 2013 and won the best classics award. And designer Michael designed 4 sets spray cap moulds for our Spain customer obtained customer’s high praise “ The mould made by you is a work of art and the cooling system is amazingly designed, very efficient!”
As a bespoke injection mould manufacturer - we enjoy the ability to work in a wide and varied selection of industries. We manufacture plastic moulds to the highest quality as efficiently as possible, ensuring our customers receive the very best service and product fulfillment beyond that of any competitor. Our team has a lot of industry knowledge and technical expertise. While experience is important, so too is the desire to improve our skills and continually advance. We work hard to stay current with cutting-edge industry methods and materials. Both our company and our clients benefit from working with knowledgeable people that make a committed effort not only to stay current, but to advance.


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